11 Best of the Best Examples of Still Life Photography

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What is Still life photography

11 Best of the Best Examples of Still Life Photography

One of the most time consuming and demanding type of photography is the still life photography. For me, still life photography is a type of art on which a photographer takes a photo of a subject or small group of subjects arranged to convey order which will be used in the formulation of the composition. If you are a still life photographer or an amateur photographer who wants to go into the world of still life photography, you are expected to use refined lighting techniques. It doesn’t require a sophisticated lighting system but it is more on using artificial lighting effectively. It’s a must that you have the skills to arrange things in order for you to have an organized photo aided by your skills in composition.

Still life photos are symbols of order, peace, and motionless pieces. I love still life photos from the start but I never had the chance to try it. This type of photography also requires your precious editing skills. I respect people who do not want edited photos (this post is not for you) but photography isn’t just about pressing the shutter button and it doesn’t end there. Post-processing will enhance your photos and will surely give your photo an extra appeal.

Tips for still life photography

If you would like to start learning about still life photography, here are some tips for you to work on. These tips are taken from DPS and I encourage you to go to their website and participate in the forum if you need help in photography.

  1. Use a simple backdrop – Select a smooth and simple backdrop to avoid distraction.
  2. Use high-contrast lighting – If you are using multiple lighting sources, vary the ratio of the lighting strength from the other. Use one as the main light and the other as fill lighting.
  3. Use light directionally – Use side light to give your photo a dimension and depth.
  4. Use angle effectively – The angle of the light, your camera, and even your position can directly affect how the colors will pop out. It works perfectly in using effective lighting.
  5. Look for shape in shadows – Shadows are very helpful in your still life photographs and it creates a mood in your pictures. Look for opportunity or spot to have a good captured shape using shadows.

This will help you to better understand how directional lighting affects the overall scene of your photographs. Still life photography is used in product photography and it is one of the most highly paid fields in photography.

11 Best of the Best Examples of Still Life Photography
11 Best of the Best Examples of Still Life Photography


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