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Currently, there are many fashion trends all over Pakistan.  Fortunately, now people are free to wear whatever they want, especially skirts, cross-body or pants.  Over the years, even Pakistani clothing has developed a lot.  As more and more women go to work and face new challenges, clothes designed for them have become more practical.

Very common in Pakistan is a dress called shalwar kameez, just a national costume of Pakistanis. Gharara, Lehenga and Saree are also very popular.  Now, the designer’s creation is more adventurous, making fashionable and practical clothes.  Pakistani trends have also entered the Western fashion world.  The local environment and culture further enhanced the beauty of these clothes.  As designers explore more possibilities, the changing climate also brings inspiration to designers.

Particularly, Pakistani bridal wear is considered to be one of the most exquisite clothes in the world, which is infused with Eastern culture.  Prices range from a few thousand rupees to one hundred thousand rupees and even higher.  There is no doubt that this country has become the centre of the latest fashion and culture.

Pakistan’s fashion demand has risen.  Especially women living abroad are always looking for ways to buy high-quality Pakistani clothing at affordable prices. Some people are lucky to have relatives in this country, but not many.  Even if there is a connection there, they may not be able to access the kind of items they like.  The reason for this may be the tight economy here, and since everyone is busy, it may be difficult for them to find time to shop, especially for others.

Moreover, women from abroad may not get the exact fabrics, styles or colours they want.  Of course, it is always better to be able to choose your clothes.  That’s why nowadays you will find many online stores which are selling Pakistani dresses. This is great because it eliminates market gaps.

If you want to buy Pakistani dresses online, please be extra careful before making a transaction.  Sometimes the seller will increase the price unnecessarily, especially if you are from abroad or overseas Pakistani.  In other cases, they will post attractive photos of dresses in their stores, but when you will place an order, you will find that they are sending the dresses different from the pictures. That is why you have to check reviews or recommendations before buying Pakistani dresses online.

At Maria Nasir, you can buy highly affordable party wear, casual dress and bridal Pakistani dresses with trust and confidence.  From textile design sources, quality assurance, embroidery development to shooting and communication, their whole staff have a dedication to creating a unique collection and improving the bar.


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