Casual Blazer & Slim Fit Guide – What’s Hot, What’s Not!

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A blazer with the measurements can make or break a man’s outfit. To get that perfectly refined appearance that ever so often fashionable gentlemen crave for, it’s essential to wear mens luxury and casual styles that are not just for one event, but staples that can be worn, rematched with other essentials, and then practically worn again. Some gentlemen find it quite difficult and pretty much a nuisance to get every jacket tailored to his body shape. This is understandable and is essentially why some of the most fashionable brands in the world have innovated with designs such as blazers for men at MARGONIPEROT in a wide range of styles and eccentric designs. The truth is, that with sport coats and blazer jackets, there’s often a thin line between casual and professional, given the popularity of business casual style that’s crept it’s way to the most strictly professional of board meetings. With the sound advice here, you’ll find out what’s hot, and what’s — meh, not so hot in the realm of fitted blazers.

What is a blazer?

A blazer is a style of outerwear, a jacket, that’s usually worn professionally. Although blazer jackets were traditionally worn professionally, they have come to be worn more casually. As with all casual fashion, there’s a broad spectrum that clothing can range from. Overly loose blazer jackets are no longer the fashionable gentleman’s goto. Blazer jackets that pack a punch of traditional gentlemanly-inspired cuts and stitchings are all the more essential, especially as business-casual starts to blend in with high street style.

One of the most fundamental reasons of the blazer jacket’s ability to flourish is due to it’s tailoring, and the high skills of craftsmen who can stitch and design garments based on precise measurements inspired by tradition and heritage. The blazer jacket has become the professional man’s uniform of some sort. But with the turning tide of worldwide trends, there’s room for improvement in what’s considered acceptable in the office. Casual style that’s often inspired by slim fit measurements is more popular than not. With an emphasis on the fit and length of the jacket, stylish men now have a hand in the trajectory of what professional culture entails. Millions of businesses have warmed up to the thin line of slim fit blazers that are causal, and those that are professional – a reality that’s unprovoked by polarities in politics or culture.

How to wear a slim fit blazer casually

The blazer’s slight at professional style was inevitable. With fashion runways promoting slimmer men, and a more detailed and eccentric look, the slim fit blazer has just about become a staple and even a necessity that’s worn with denim jeans. Casual blazers that have been sinched and cropped down to innovative proportions affect the gentleman of whom wear them.

The first rule of wearing a slim fit blazer casually is to choose matches that complement clothing and accessories that will shape the direction of your look. T-shirts were not meant to be exactly suitable for professional situations, however casually speaking, they provide flexibility, and room for style when worn with slim fit blazers. When shopping for slim fit blazers measurements should be well thought out. Sleeve lengths that may seem to be suitable in one size, might’ve to be taken a size or two up to compensate for rate tightness. The length of a slim fir blazer should fall just below your waist and there should always be enough room for movement. Casual style has a lot more flexibility to it, hence the reason why it’s become a must for most gentlemen.

How to wear a slim fit blazer professionally

Though the professional style isn’t completely obsolete, it’s wise to pair professional blazers with clothing that matches the environment such as dress shirts, ties, and even those formal patent leather tux shoes you’ve had in the closet. Professional slim-fit blazers still have a place in modern style, and even if they have patterns such as floral or plaid. The key thing to remember when wearing slim fit blazers in professional environments is to be certain that everything is as fitted as possible, but not tight to the point where it’s hard to move. Colors can also play a huge part in how professional a look might be. Key hues such as navy blue, black, and brown lead the way in professional attire. However depending on the material and the fit as well, just about any color blazer jacket can be worn in professional environments. It’s important to note that measurements matter more than the color or pattern when wearing slim fit blazer professionally.

Navy Blue Casual Slim Fit Blazer
Navy Blue Casual Blazer

Beige Marble Mens Casual Blazer

Beige Marble Mens Casual Blazer

Variations in Fitting

Slim fit clothing has become so common and popular that the term’s use has become vague and often misunderstood. The slim fit style itself varies on a scale – one on which some gentlemen often find uncomfortable when at the extreme ends of. For that reason, slim fit blazers and clothing have often been divided between ultra slim fit and regular slim fit. Men’s slim fit blazers vary in fit, and this gives options to gentlemen who may or may not be comfortable with such a conversational yet stylish look.

Ultra Slim Fit

Ultra-slim fit blazers have a silhouette that is super skinny and popularized by fashion houses primarily in Tokyo and Paris. The precision of fit and the emphasis on a skinny look has been taken to the extreme with the ultra-slim fit style, but it has also brought rise to an era of new fashion for men. Ultra-slim fit blazers have also normalized regular slim fit men. The timely arrival of the ultra-slim it tied validated and populated the slim fit look for men overall, giving way to the prevalence of slim fit blazers, specially fitted styles seen at places like MARGONIPEROT and other luxury fashion companies.

Slim Fit

The regular slim fit design has a fit that is more acceptable than the ultra-slim fit design and provides a level of flexibility for men who want to regularly wear the look. While regular slim fit blazers are often a bit looser than ultra slim fit blazers, they defiantly carve out a figure that’s stylish and modern – one that enhances the look of men in professional environments, but also one that enhances the look of men who want a casual look, especially when wearing denim jeans.

Top Blazer styles To Buy

The popular men slim fit blazer styles to buy are certainly the designs that have a higher emphasis on tailoring and pattern. Popular patterns such a plaid, floral, and stripes are great, but when coupled up with classical tailoring skills and craftsmanship, it’s even better.

Multipocket Plaid Men’s Casual Blazer
Multipocket Plaid Men's Casual Blazer

Men’s Slim Fit Blue a plaid Blazer
Men's Slim Fit Blue a plaid Blazer

Precautions when buying blazers (What’s not so hot)

When shopping for a slim fit blazer jacket, it’s a good choice to stay away from designs that seem to lack a silhouette to their tailoring. Though many unstructured blazers have seemed to become popular, and an unflattering fit can undo all the other great things of its quality.

In Conclusion

Slim fit blazer jackets and tuxedos are flexible and modern. They are prized in both professional and casual environments. Depending on how comfortable you are in certain fits and colors, you can get a look that’s attractive and capable of being worn regularly. When hopping for slim fit blazers be very specific of the measurements that you shop for, as well as things such as the material and the pattern. Simple things like focusing on sleeve length and how it looks and feel can go a long way in ensuring that your blazer jackets can be worn for long periods, constable bringing you casual or professional style.

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