Exclusive Interview: Meet Mitch Leyor Ambassador Alex Immohr

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Gen Z’s favorite influencer, also known as a Wisdom Guru, Mitchell Royél, recently released a boxer collection. Mitch Leyor, Royel’s new collection, is the first boxer line designed for spirited young men.

The brand features many talented brand ambassadors.

We got an exclusive interview with the handsome Alex Immohr just for our readers!

Hi Alex. Can you tell us about your long and short-term aspirations?

My long term aspirations are to make a solid career as an actor, comedian, and model. I would settle for any of the three, but I would love to make an impact in all of the scenes, it will definitely be difficult, but I’m going to work hard and give it my best shot. The reason I want to make it is I’ve always loved making people laugh and bringing people joy, and I’d really like to work on projectors that will be seen and enjoyed by as many people as possible. It would also mean a lot to me to be making enough money to help support all the people I’ve come across in life who have been there supporting me financially or mentally. The ability to give back is my biggest motivator. As for my short-term goals, I want to be a part of a film (preferably comedy) that gets decent exposure, sign with a modeling agency, and get a paid stand-up gig. It’s been tough to achieve my goals with the lockdown, but I’m just trying to keep a positive attitude about it all, good things will come.

What makes Mitch Leyor different from other underwear brands?

Mitch Leyor is a brand that expresses the importance of an individual and who they really are as opposed to just focusing on looks as most brands do. It’s a brand that supports positivity, passion, individuality, and the like. The Mitch Leyor brand differs from other brands not only with its unique look and feel but also because the brand as a whole wants people to just feel comfortable with themselves. In contrast, I think many of the big-name underwear brands make it seem like you have to have a particular look to wear the brand.

What is your job as a Mitch Leyor ambassador?

My job as a Mitch Leyor brand ambassador is to continue spreading positivity and to keep expressing my individuality while encouraging others to do the same.

So Mitch Leyor is about helping young men feel secure about who they are underneath their exterior; that being said, what are three things about yourself that make you feel confident?

Three things that make me confident are the support of family and friends, being able to laugh at myself, and lastly, the ability to take criticism. I’m incredibly grateful to have the friends and family that I have, they always support me no matter what and their support just makes me want to work that much harder. There were definitely times during the lockdown that I thought about giving up but getting a call from my parents telling me to keep following my dreams and to not give up would do so much for me, I’d get confidence and a fire under me from the idea of how much joy it would bring them if I made it big. I also feed off the energy of my friends; they’ve always been there to laugh at all the weird things I do, so that’s always helped me just be who I am. I’ve always said to myself that as long as one person laughs at something I do or if only one person gets joy from something I do, then I am happy. Being able to laugh at yourself is such a massive idea that it just does so much for your mentality. The importance of laughing at yourself is at an all-time high too with social media and the like you’re always being judged, so it’s incredibly important to be able not to take yourself too seriously and make any judgments in stride. I would 100% rather laugh at negativity than let it ruin my day. Being able to take criticism helping my confidence is hard to explain, but it helps in the sense that if somebody were to criticize something I create/do then, I could say “Okay. Yeah, I can be better, there’s room for improvement.” Not really sure if that makes a lot of sense, and I hope to be criticized if it didn’t, it will only make me stronger.

Your Instagram bio says you’ve got more soul than a sock with a hole? That’s funny. Care to explain what that means?

“Got more soul than a sock than a hole” is a line from my favorite rapper MF DOOM and I honestly I just think it’s funny. But if you want to get deep with it, then I’d say I have it as my Instagram bio because MF DOOM as a rapper is so unique and weird, and I feel like uniqueness and weirdness are defining traits for me, as well as my Instagram. So there’s no way to better represent my Instagram and me than an MF DOOM line.

What’s next for you? What projects are you working on?

I’m always working on stand-up routines, auditions, and posing in front of mirrors. I strictly pose in front of mirrors to help further my talent as a model and definitely not because I’m a douche who’s a bit full of himself.

We are more than impressed with Alex and his views. It was a pleasure interviewing him. You can find him on Instagram by the username @aimmohr, and don’t forget to check out the new Mitch Leyor collection at https://www.mitchleyor.com.

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