Men Wedding Shoes How To Choose The Right One

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Men Wedding Shoes How To Choose The Right One

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous about wedding preparations, and although men like to think simple, there is a big variety of choices in men’s wedding shoes to choose from.

Generally, we are not so bothered about footwear when we interact with people, but shoes represent personality in a very important way. Needless to say, that wedding shoes will definitely be new but the design and comfort are two important things that help us browse for the perfect shoe.

Men Wedding Shoes How To Choose The Right One

If you know the right things to be careful about your shoe, then you will not have to worry about purchasing something too expensive. Remember to consider the following factors that will ensure that your shoes will be more comfortable and very appropriate for your most significant occasion.

Match Shoes With Your Suit

Men Wedding Shoes How To Choose The Right One

There is a very large range of formal shoes for the main reason that they have to go perfectly with your dress. The color should match the dress you are wearing for the wedding. There are many versions of black if you are wearing a black suit. Gentleman’s Guru is the right brand selection for your wedding tuxedo. The fabric of your clothing could be having a sober dull look that would be suitable with shoes with a slightly rough leather surface.

If your suit has a certain shine then patent leather shoes will make a very nice end to your attire. Choosing a good color is the most difficult part, but you will know when you find a striking similarity with color. To make it convenient, keep a good quality picture or a sample of your suit’s fabric for easy selection.

Comfort In Men’s Wedding Shoes

Men Wedding Shoes How To Choose The Right One

If you find a shoe that looks nice or only just appropriate for your wedding and preference then always try it out with a few second walks. Even though the leather of new shoes is often hard, you will have to take the one that is already quite comfortable. You will be walking and standing a lot on the day of your wedding so be as careful about the shoe as possible.

There should not be too much pressure on your feet and the corners of the floor must not pinch your feet in your wedding shoes. If there is a kind of shoe that you really like, then get it ordered or buy them as early as possible. You will have to get used to the shoes before it ruins your mood on your wedding day.

Take A Backup Pair

Men Wedding Shoes How To Choose The Right One

Keep another pair of shoes just in case it gets too uncomfortable for you. This does not have to be so expensive but something that is surely comfortable than very nice looking. If you feel that you cannot bear your shoes any longer, quickly get them changed by your best man so you can at least converse with guests in good comfort.


Even men’s shoes have many variations in the height of heels. It is not an issue to wear shoes with higher heels for this occasion but an ideal height should be no more than 5 cm.


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