What Factors Should I Consider When Buying Engagement Rings?

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When it’s time to ask that special someone if she will spend the rest of her life with you, you want to be certain to have the engagement ring to offer as a bond of your undying commitment to your love for her. There are a few important considerations in finding, selecting and purchasing the perfect diamond engagement ring that one needs to be aware of.

Amongst these are:

Cost of the engagement ring

  • The type of band for the ring, such as what type of metal the engagement ring band should be.
  • The type of diamond with which to highlight the engagement ring.
  • Shapes of engagement ring settings.
  • Choosing and presenting the engagement ring to your beloved.

How Much Should I Spend on a Diamond Engagement Ring?

It is probably best to begin with the amount of money you will be able to spend on a diamond engagement ring. The industry standard in gauging how much one should spend on an engagement ring has been to suggest two months salary. While this can be a good budgeting tool, you need to understand that it is not a rule, as some economists suggest spending no more than 6 weeks salary or 6% of one’s yearly income.

The final decision is one that should be based on your own research into finding out what type of engagement ring your loved one actually wants, and then seeing how close that comes to the reality of what you can afford. Remember, this is a symbol of your enduring love for her, not just a pretty ring for any occasion.

What Metals are Appropriate for Engagement Ring Settings?

The band that will hold your engagement ring around her finger must reflect the eternal nature of your commitment. It is for this reason that the engagement ring band is normally made of gold (yellow, rose or white) or platinum. Silver is not an acceptable band for an engagement ring as it is subject to tarnishing with age; this is not the message you want to send in regards to your love for the woman whom you hope to marry.

Gold of whatever color is measured in carats, with 24 carat being pure gold. The gold engagement ring is most commonly between 14 and 18 carats, with the numbers representing how many parts out of 24 are the metal gold, such as 14 carat being 14 parts gold alloyed with 10 parts of another metal. Platinum, which had been quite popular for use in engagement ring settings up until World War I, has seen resurgence in popularity in recent years, with some estimates as high as 30 % of engagement rings being made of platinum.

Dubai is relatively one of the best gold shopping hub for jewelry as compared with the rest of the world, they are smart enough not to chase an ambitious lost market. They usually take shortcuts to lower their gold tax rates and shrink the market for high-quality gold and diamond jewelry.

For shopping malls, you must rely on festive crowds and accurate gold jewelry display. The shop windows are literally full of golden trim, and when you look at the sparkling shop windows, you have nothing to say. All gems and diamonds are imported from South Africa to Dubai, so their prices are relatively low.

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