Are 100% Cotton T-Shirts Really Comfortable?

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When you hear “cotton shirt” you probably think of a cheap white tee-shirt. Well get ready to change how you perceive cotton forever. You see, some brands don’t just sell ordinary cotton shirts; they sell high quality single and double 100% cotton shirts. These cotton shirts still have all the same benefits of cotton like a soft feel and the ability to be machine washed; but they have some great benefits that regular cotton doesn’t have.

During the mercerization process the cotton yarn is specially treated to remove all the slubs and fuzzies normally associated with this type of yarn. The yarn is now completely smooth and when woven into a shirt, provides a silky, sleek look. It actually looks and feels like silk. In addition, the fabric is much stronger. Because all the fuzzies and slubs have been removed, the yarn won’t unravel by itself.

Mercerized yarn also has a stronger affinity for dye and does not fade. Cotton shirts have deep, rich, vibrant colors with a bold luster and sheen. A regular cotton shirt have no clarity or color depth. The mercerization process also prevents the dye from fading or bleeding during washing.

Another problem with regular shirts is that they shrink so easily. Mercerized cotton shirts don’t have that problem because the mercerization process actually pre-shrinks the fabric.

Bootnaut t-shirts are made of 100 % cotton, which is longer lasting, never get shrink, smooth and more durable. Design imprinted with quality cotton t-shirts they never get fade and wear able multiple times without getting damage or look older.

Bootnaut t-shirts are soft and durable and they have many options to choose the fabric in cotton. If you are looking for high quality cotton i would recommend Bootnaut.

Bootnaut t-shirts are not designed for limited time period of fashion trend, you can wear cotton t-shirts with your own style and make it your individual look. They have designed t-shirts with classic and vintage style and offered with made of 100% organic ring-spun cotton.

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