Fall Fashion: What to Expect from Fashion Designers this Fall?

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Fashion changes as swiftly as the seasons, and each emerging trend brings something exciting to the fashion-savvy. If you want to know what to expect for the upcoming fall season, keep reading. This fall will bring you some repeats of past trends, but fresh twists will keep you interested.

Fall Fashion for Women

Fall Fashion: What to Expect from Fashion Designers this Fall?



Fall fashion trends for women include numerous innovative takes on classic favorites. Leather skirts will be dressed down with casual tops and sweaters, while the summery maxi dress will be seen in thicker fabrics and eye-catching hues. Tailored mid-length skirts and dresses will also be featured in the fall fashion scene. For pants lovers, skinny jeans may take the back seat to wide-legged, high-waist jeans and pants.

Fall tops will include soft sweaters and bohemian-style blouses. Ponchos and dusters that have an added touch of glamour will replace traditional coats. The shoes for fall will remain casual yet chic, and popular options will include wedge-heeled oxfords, fur-trimmed boots, and pointy-toed, high-heeled mules. Most of these styles will be available at mainstream department stores, while some treasures will be found only at high-end shops.

Fall Fashion for Men

Fall Fashion: What to Expect from Fashion Designers this Fall?

Men’s fashions generally don’t go out of style quickly, but they change subtly each year. When it comes to casual wear this fall, the classic, easygoing look will be back in. Relaxed cuts will be more tailored and designed to fit properly this year. Jackets will be loosely cut, and shirts will lose the shoulder seams for a more relaxed look.

Suit trends for men do not vary from season to season. This fall’s suit styles will include the timeless, classic tailored versions with slim cuts. Jackets will have enough tailoring to avoid the boxy look of the past. Single-breasted suits will be the prevailing trend this fall. Double-breasted suits that slim the waist and broaden the shoulders will also be popular. Colors will include the classics as well as subtle metallics and plaids.

Fall Color Themes

Fall Fashion: What to Expect from Fashion Designers this Fall?


Trendy fall fashion hues will include silvers, midnight blues, and soft earth tones. Bold, ultra-saturated colors such as royal blue, plum and mango will also be seen. The classic black and white combination remains constant, but patterns such as stripes or rustic plaids will be dominant as well. These fashion-forward tones and patterns will be available in nearly any retailer, no matter what types of fashions are offered.

From must-have colors to essential basics, you will find everything you need on the runways each season. These future fall fashions will also be seen in magazines, on stages, and in movies. By taking cues from some of the most celebrated models and designers, you can showcase your expertise and triumph as a fashion guru.

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