Latest Fashion Trends That Will Be Big In 2020

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Every fashion trend must be a conversation starter, it must keep the ball rolling and it must be interesting enough so that people won’t be bored wearing and talking about. Like the weather, fashion is cyclical and fashion trends keep coming back from time to time. So if I were you, I’d never throw away any of my clothes that aren’t in trend now because just when you think that you can’t wear them anymore or they have fade out from style, they come back with a sweet vengeance.

So here is the latest fashion this 2020 that has taken the fashion world by storm.

Who would have thought that from a Disney film, it would become a fashion trend this year? The Peter Pan collar has turned from Neverland and back in the runways that gleam with pixie dust. It was a fad in the 1920s and now every fashionista you can see on the streets wearing this collar paired with a vibrant sweater and leather shorts.

Latest Fashion Trends

Latest Fashion Trends

Another trend that is a big hit this year is athleticism chic. No one could have imagined that sweating in the gym wearing your sweatpants or playing tennis in your polo shirt could be fashionable. Sleek track pants, mesh bomber jackets, floral hoodie, and the good old’ rubber sneakers will have a comeback this spring. From the track and field on to the runway, ready for a fashion marathon.

Blame Baz Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby has inspired fashion houses to go back to the era where glamour and sophistication reined, the 20’s. It’s like being on a time machine and traveling back in time, where flapper dresses are stapled for girls and wearing jeans was considered taboo.

Latest Fashion Trends
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Sequined dresses, art deco glitz, and sheer clothing have traveled back in time. Print on print has exploded this season and with so many prints to choose from, it would be like a kid in a candy shop. From exotic animal skins like snakes and leopards to aquatic creatures like scallops, seahorses, and starfish in pastel colors and ethnic, brightly colored blooms and monochrome floral and tribal prints that would make you feel like you are in the Serengeti desert in Africa.


Latest Fashion Trends

And last, of the latest fashion, this season would be sleepwear. It has awakened from a snooze and now back on the runways. Printed pajama tops and pants, white shirt and silky and slouchy satin jackets are definitely a must-have. From bedroom to showroom, just don’t forget to swap your slippers with heels.

The latest fashion trends are the guide of every fashionista to update her look and closet. It is a validation that fashion is indeed a never-ending cycle. But you shouldn’t follow every trend and just stick to what is a fad, you must still maintain your own personal style because these trends are just to enhance your style and not change it. As the iconic fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent once said, “fashions fade, style is eternal.”

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