Modest Fashion Accessories for the Modest Woman

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Modest Fashion Accessories for the Modest Woman

Nowadays, the fashion industry is seeing more of a focus on a modest fashion style rather than a more revealing one. A style trend that is considered a breath of fresh air during a cold winters morning!

Granted this goes hand in hand with the colder months, however, the idea of modest style is somewhat of a commodity even during the winter season. We aren’t afraid to dress less to dress up, yet, fashionista’s around the world are recognising the impact and difference dressing more modestly is having both from the warmth and stylish perspective.

Seasonal impacts on our style

Modest Fashion Accessories for the Modest Woman

When temperatures begin to hit 0’C, a stylish woman must prepare to dress more modestly anyway, unless willing to risk general health for the sake of style. It’s easy to dress up and combine sophisticated style with colder weather to make an impact with your outfit.

For example, the colder climate brings the opportunity for us to adopt one of many iconic coats, from the traditional and quintessential trench to the empathetic and suave fur coat. These garments offer more than the ability to keep us warm – they act as a centrepiece for what will be not only a modest attire but a stand-out one too. Additionally, puffer jackets and rain macs still have their place with the ability to keep us dry, warm and stylish.

An accessory to stay humble, yet impactful.

Modest Fashion Accessories for the Modest Woman

Accessories add the finishing touches to a modest outfit. Signature pieces from jewellery to handbags, belts to hats just add a little something special to what will already be a rather classy outfit.

When adding the final touch to your outfit, we often look at the headpiece, and it’s not hard to see why. From fancy hats to speciality hair ties, there are lots of ways that we can infatuate our style modestly.

Modest Fashion Accessories for the Modest Woman

A personal favourite is the fedora hat. These often get misconstrued as a summer hat but felt fedora hats can be worn all year long, and most certainly should be. The fedora hat adds a sense of nonchalant class, especially when matched with a camel coat and pair of leather gloves. This style has a real ‘Chelsea, England’ kind of feel and is the type of modest fashion choice that allows you sophisticatedly understated in a way that only catches the eye of those with a sense of sophisticated fashion.

When choosing a fedora, look for quality over price. A hat is an investment in time, and a fedora is priceless, consider the quality and strength of the material and how it will react to weather conditions.

You should also consider head jewellery, clips and ties. Often small in size, these are a fine addition to the modest woman’s attire. If you can, always go for a handmade hair tie! What you get with them is something that’s going to have its own unique character that reflects you and is also unique to you and your outfit.

Finally, ensure your handbag is subtle intones. For want of a better phrase ‘nude colours’, whilst classy and sophisticated are still as trendy as a bright Paignton yellow. A nude tone bag often comes with a wonderfully designed bow finish, giving the handbag just enough to look aesthetically perfect for a modest woman, and not remotely boring at all.

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