Top 3 Accessories to Wear With a Suit

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Everyone can wear a suit. But your individuality can shine even more with these three men’s accessories that speak louder than words.


Accessories to Wear

If you’re wearing a suit wear a nice watch. Those cheap watches are fine for everyday wear and tear but when it matters most a nice watch can really set fireworks off. Try a stainless steel watch for more elegance or a thin watch with a leather strap.

Watches are one of the only jewelry a man will usually wear. With technology surging further ahead, the watch has become nearly obsolete in function with most people looking for the time on their iPhones and Blackberries. Watches have now become one of those accessories you wear to impress, you can admit it has become part of the new fashion trends.

Tie Clip

Nothing is more fine than accessorizing your accessory. Attach a plain silver or gold tie clip that is smaller than the width of the tie.

A tie clip is usually a small piece of metal used to keep the tie attached to the dress shirt. They not only serve the function of keeping the tie from flying all over the place, they also add an additional touch of decoration to your tie and your look. The tie clip can come as just a plain metal bar or come decorated with small patterns. A much preferred classic look is the simple plain silver tie clip that just about works with everything. If you are going to wear something fancy make sure it matches the tie otherwise your look will become too busy and out of place (remember K.I.S.S rule!).

Usually the tie clip is attached about 2/3 away from the knot of the tie. There is no set rule on how you should wear it. Some people actually prefer it lower to hide the tie clip under the suit.  It can also be styled to be more casual by having the clip on a slight angle sloping down instead of keeping it horizontally across, which is more formal. Do note however that you shouldn’t wear a tie clip if it’s longer than the tie’s width.

The tie clip is a subtle tie accessory that should finalize a well suited man.


Cuff Links

Cufflinks are where the subtle hints of your personality lies. The tie shouldn’t be the main attention grabber. Simplistic cufflinks work with everything. If you really want to tell people who you are, try what shapes your interest. For example if you like to play guitars perhaps mini guitar cufflinks or music notes.

If the suit is not fitted for you, no matter how many men’s accessories you wear, you’ll look like you just slapped everything on and that is sloppy!

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