AMZDFY Review: Amazon Automation System by Kevin David

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Do you think of online e-commerce brands for online sales of goods, and you don’t have to provide product storage, delivery, transportation or even customer service?

This is some good news:

You can achieve your dreams through their third-party sellers, Amazon FBA (Amazon) through their third-party seller. If you have been in YouTube recently, you may be possible to cross Kevin David in some form. Whether it is from his advertisement or his large YouTube channel, it seems that kevin David is a Master, such as Thalps and Alex Baker.

Kevin David’s Amazon Automation Program

Kevin and his team will create a successful Amazon store and make fees and do all work. Kevin and his partner have a 55,000 square feet of warehouse with products they feel successfully sold in Amazon. You pay your fees based on your investment level and keep your credit card with the company a credit card. They will automatically select product sales and represent you transporting these products to Amazon.

Sales are made in Amazon, implemented by Amazon. End the game is to get the exclusiveness of the product, so that you are the only person who can sell the product on Amazon. However, partners are in the perspective of economic investment, providing a return rate and equity position on the equity site of the business itself. The bigger the construction of off-road, your Amazon store can be sold. The cost is based on your choice.

The following is a summary of my problem, and how to answer by the sales representative.

“Which products have been sold?”

I asked my sales representative for this question and provided “the answer to the product”. Kevin knows what he is doing, and the product already has a hand is ready to represent you delivery.

“What is the product I received? “After selecting your product selection, your credit card will be charged automatically.” This is not the answer I am looking for. I want to know what my average mark is. What is I buy, how much is the cost per unit, will each unit sell average?

I want to know I asked. “What is the purchase of products, how much is the cost of each unit, will be averaged for every unit?” “This is not important. It is important to have average monthly profit, and we offer 14.5%. “I will satisfy the 14. 5% return on investment, but my sales representative introduced my question.

Factors have always changed terms and conditions in Amazon, even if Amzdfy is provided, if they misunderstand, you can also be banned without warning. So what do you want to show yourself? You have no business. No customer. no data. No skill. no experience. There is no backup plan. But Kevin David and David Anet will be a good, isn’t it? They have already got all the money. So I can see why they sell this. No matter what happens, they have won. On the other hand, you? Can’t say the same.


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