Are You Prepared For The Luxury, Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Trends

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When people describe fashion as “something for everyone” with different trends, they are often completely bluffed. Usually everything is related to pastel and flowers, or just focuses on the aesthetics of punk, neither. Few women reach a balanced trend within a year, but the 2021 fashion trend is not flattened. This is certainly useful for everyone.

To be honest, we all deserve it. What do you mean? Now, many of the 2021 trends seem to be in opposition to each other, but in the past, trends worked together. For example, the upward trend of early flowers is unlikely to be the same as the upward trend of the front, and the rise is unlikely to flash when a skirt appears or is placed in a women’s handbag. In other words, the opposite will be attracted in 2021.

All streamlined monochromatic neutral colors are in vogue, and all head-to-toe prints make serious statements. Soft pleats with many folds are popular, but sharp silhouettes are also popular, and protective clothing is also popular. Finally, while the 2020 dressing trend continues to flourish, bohemian-style aesthetics also thrive, inspiring an unstructured dreamy prairie style.

Rachel Mandarin reveals a new luxury fashion genre, tailor-made, Bohemia, and avant-garde and elegant. This brand is committed to the new generation of global like-minded and environmentally friendly people to appreciate innovative design and compromise details.

They create official, semi-formal and daily wear, integrating global elements and patterns into each clothing. Ttheir design is inspired by world travel and appreciation of different textiles and cultures. Rachel Mandarin supports responsible family resources, morality and sustainable fashion. Our clothes are hand-made by hand.

They support local craftsmen and their quality of care, craftsmanship, and skills. Handmade clothing has reduced the carbon footprint of factory wear and mass production. They keep a limited number of stocks to reduce excessive production. Moreover, Rachel Mandarin love animals, so they will never use real animal skin. Most importantly, when you wear their brand, they value your personality and principles.

Follow Rachel Mandarin at Instagram @rachel.mandarin.

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