Hair Care Tips: Bad Hair Habits to Stop Now

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Many aspects of our lifestyle and the way we deal with our hair and style them become the main reason of losing the beautiful and the volume of our hair, our hair, skin, eyes shows what we eat, what we consume normally during our day to day life, what we eat affect the strength of hair fibers and make them beautiful or destroy the upper layer of our hair too, but other than food, there are so many other things that can sabotage our hair and we are going to talk about those habits that can destroy your hair.

Here are some habits that you need to avoid to get beautiful hair.

Steamy Showers

We use too much hot water during the winter or cold season, without knowing that it dehydrates strands  and then make your scalp and your hair dry eventually, when you wash your hair with hot or warm water you not only wash off your hair’s protective oils, but you actually burn the upper the most layer or your hair too and it make your scalp dry and damaged too and that destroy the oil glands of our scalp and stop the production of natural oil too.

Save your hair and no matter what kind of season it is, wash your hair with runny water and if you really have to make it warm then don’t make it too hot and then wash your hair with coolest temperature possible at the end to maintain the temperature of your scalp.

Hot Styling Tools

When we use hot tools, hair dryers, hair straightness and other styling tools to look beautiful for the time being, we actually make our hair to lose the real shine temporary, cause scorching temps damage the proteins that make up your hair and its protective cuticle and when we kill the cuticle we disturb the moisture balance in the scalp too.

Save your  hair from all kind of heating tools, try to stay natural to have and keep beautiful  hair, but I am not saying that you should not try these beautiful looks with tools, just protect your hair with hair serums and heat resistance lotions and buy the best hair products and tools possible.

Unhealthy Dieting

Getting slimmer or losing weight is a very horrible and strong passion among the young generation, but they don’t actually know that when they try to get in their favorite pants they actually lose the beauty of their hair, as I told you earlier that if you skip the essential minerals and vitamins from your diet then you will start losing the natural shine and thickens of your hair.

Save your hair and eat healthy and balanced diet, if you want to lose weight then increase the physical activities, in fact if you eat good minerals and good fats, that will flush out the bad fats automatically.

Last but not least, use oiling, protect your hair from sun rays, use sunscreen serums, use satin pillowcase and love the natural things.

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