Influencer Mitchell Royel Raises 3k For Mitch Leyor Foundation In 24 Hours

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(Pictured, Anthony Topsfield, Alex Chandler, Jacob Sklar, Timothy Townsend, Arnold Horn, Ryan Blomberg, Alex Immohr)

Influencer Mitchell Royel surprised his supporters earlier this week when he announced the formation of his new non-profit, The Mitch Leyor Foundation. The purpose of the non-profit is to provide underserved communities with direct access to The American Dream. Royel noted that the foundation was in need of $3,000.00 for administrative tasks and to host the foundation’s first event.

Methods of donation were via the foundation’s GoFundMe and through PayPal.

24 hours after Royel made the announcement the goal was reached.

Royel has now set a higher goal of $10,000.00 to be raised within the next 60 days.

Head over to mitchleyor.com/foundation for more on The Mitch Leyor Foundation.

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