Six Must Haves In Your Wardrobe

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The fashion trend is constantly changing and just like the world, it is constantly evolving. What may be the hottest trend today may be the dullest trend months after. There is nothing wrong with keeping with the trend but sometimes going for the basics is required.

There are some clothing styles and footwear that have survived through the years and these are named fashion basics. These basics are classics and no matter what the trend is these never go out of style. It is probably a good idea if you have a few pieces of these basics in your wardrobe.

1. Flats.

This type of footwear seems to survive every single change in the trend. The designs may vary, the materials used may change but it will always be flat. People may call it differently like they may refer to it as doll shoes or ballet shoes but all in all, it is still flat shoes. Flats are very handy especially when you go walking around the neighborhood but you don’t want to look like you’re going to a party.

2. Belts.

Sometimes you find it hard to imagine wearing a pair of jeans without a belt to accentuate it. Years before, belts are only used to tighten or hold in place a rather loose pair of pants or shorts but as time passed by it has evolved. At present belts come in different forms. There are those waist belts, the once you usually use to accentuate a dress or a long top and the skinny belts, those really slim belts that you use to add flair to your jeans, skirt, or even your dress.

3. Jeans.


Your Wardrobe

This pair of pants never go out of style simply because it is very versatile. Essential part of your wardrobe. The design or cut may change but it is still a classic. Jeans are easy to wear especially when you’re going for a casual and relaxed look. You can pair jeans with whatever top you like and complete the look with your flat shoes or your high-heeled shoes.

4. Tees.

The ever so present t-shirt. Perfect for a sunny day or a rainy day. When you want to take a break from dressing up you can always resolve to wear your t-shirt be it plain, printed, or vintage.

5. High heels.

This is perfect for the classy sophisticated look. High heels have always been present since time immemorial and although at present it is called pumps or stilettos those shoes still have those pointy sexy heels.

Your Wardrobe

6. Classic Black Dress.

Times may have changed but it hasn’t tarnished the timeless elegance a black dress emanates. Black dresses are perfect for those formal parties and cocktail gatherings that you have to go to. You can even wear it when going you out for a rather formal date. Your wardrobe is all about apparel fashion.

Fashion is ever-changing and like technology, it will never cease to evolve. It is great to follow the trend but you must keep in mind that the basics never go out of style. So when you don’t feel comfortable with apparel what is in style, then you can opt to wear the classics.

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