Top Fashion Trends for Upcoming Fall 2020

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Fall 2020 is shaping up to be exciting for fashionistas. If you’re chomping at the bit to start your brand-new fall wardrobe, the good news is that many of the pieces can even be worn right now. Here’s a list of some of the best new top fashion trends for Fall 2020:

The Color Orange:

Top Fashion Trends for Upcoming Fall 2020

Juicy and bright, orange looks great on all skin types and is a great way to make sultry eyes and hair really pop. You can try just a lick of orange by coordinating your handbag with your hairband or scarf–but if orange comes more naturally to you, try a bold orange top or even a dress. The best color for Fall will be a tone called “emberglow”–a delicious red-orange that’s perfect in any season, including right now. Transition your summer “emberglow” pieces into fall by combining them with a rich brown blazer.

Equestrian Looks

Top Fashion Trends for Upcoming Fall 2020

This look can be a little trickier to pull off, but you’ll be rewarded with an ensemble as polished as anything you’ll see in Mad Men. Menswear is still in, but work a little equestrian flair in with it and you’ll be of the moment. Try riding boots and sleek pants for a trim lower half, and top with a slim-cut, cozy charcoal turtleneck. To make the look even breezier, tie your hair back in a high pony–don’t forget to muss it a bit, and flush your cheeks to look like you just got back from a brisk morning at the stables.


Top Fashion Trends for Upcoming Fall 2020

The craze for menswear-inspired looks continues! Men’s shoes are as hot as ever, but the most exciting part about this trend is the glitzy new “Tux Lux” look. Dark, rich sequin-studded tops and bottoms–sleek, glimmering denim–chic pants with fancy tuxedo stripes–the look is elegant, effortless, and very, very chic. Pair with extra feminine eyes and hair for contrast.


Top Fashion Trends for Upcoming Fall 2020

Specifically, your legs. You probably have noticed everyone on the cover of magazines is wearing front slit skirts and dresses right now–this is a great way to add a little voltage to date night, or to spice up that otherwise tame skirt and suit set. Don’t forget to buff and moisturize your skin. This would not be the time to show off untidy legs. For the ill-prepared, there is always pantyhose.

Polka Dots

Top Fashion Trends for Upcoming Fall 2020

This playful, whimsical print has been all over the runways as well. Put a spin on The Little Black Dress–why not wear something short and… dotty? You’ll be approachable and charming too. Polka dots are on everything, from dresses to skirts to tops and handbags. If you’d rather try just a dash of this trend, tie a polka-dotted scarf in your hair, or consider pairing some dainty little polka dot socks with those boys’ shoes. That way, when you hike your glam pants and cross your legs, your guests will see just a little hint of color. This trick would be best if you have a matching accent somewhere else in your outfit–a scarf or barrette, perhaps.


Top Fashion Trends for Upcoming Fall 2020

Lace is more popular than ever, but now you can find it in more touchable and subtle fabrics. As wonderful with jeans and tousled hair as it is peeking out from beneath a blazer or cardigan, lace is the perfect go-to look for effortless glamour. Best of all, it pairs well with just about everything on this list, so it’s a purchase guaranteed to get you the most bang for your buck.

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