How Italian Fashion Have Achieved Truly Iconic Status

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Well-chosen accessories are an essential component of a fashionable look, and superb accessories are one important reason why the Italian Look has become such an important part of the international fashion scene. Some Italian accessories have achieved truly iconic status: a Gucci bag is as essential to a woman of fashion as Gucci loafers are to a well-dressed man

Italian Fashion

Many different items come under the rubric of accessories. For men, the main items are neckties, hats, wallets, and belts. Silk neckties of the finest quality have been an Italian specialty for decades. Borsalino hats have been widely regarded as the finest men’s hats in the world since Giuseppe Borsalino founded his company in the mid-nineteenth century. Another company with an old and prestigious name is Beretta, which has branched out from its traditional specialty of firearms production to create a full line of men’s accessories.

Belts, gloves, and wallets of the finest Italian leather, whether produced for the brands of the great integrated fashion houses or sold under small private brands, are immediately recognized by fashion insiders for their exceptional style and craftsmanship.

Italian Fashion

Most women would agree that their most important accessory is a fine handbag.  The same craftsmanship that makes Italian handbags so elegant and luxurious also is found in the production of other small leather accessories, such as belts, wallets, briefcases, and cases for credit cards, business cards, and cell phones. Silk scarves are an essential part of any woman’s accessory wardrobe, and Italy produces some of the world’s finest. Lingerie also comes under the heading of accessories.

Just as there are many different kinds of accessories, accessories are produced everywhere in Italy, by many small firms and workshops as well as by some larger companies. Leather goods of all kinds, including handbags, wallets, belts, eyeglass cases, and other small items, are especially notable in Tuscany, with its centuries-old tradition of fine leather production.

Italian Fashion

Borsalino hats are made at the firm’s factory in Alessandria (Piedmont). The city of Como, on Lake Como in Lombardy, is known for its scenic beauty, but also for its many factories and workshops producing high-quality silk neckties, scarves, and other designer silk items.

Many small producers of all kinds of accessories are either owned by or produce goods under contract with Italy’s large, integrated fashion houses and everyone has been connected with the Italian world of outfits.


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