Wooden Sunglasses Are Cooler Than Plastic

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Wooden Sunglasses

It’s been said by fashion and style experts that the clothes that you wear say a lot about your personality, the same can also be said about your sunglasses.

When it comes to the options that you have for sunglasses on the market today there are many varieties to choose from but the average pair of sunglasses look the same as what everyone else is wearing. What’s the solution to this style problem? Its wooden sunglasses.

Why choose wooden sunglasses?

Wooden sunglasses Australia is made by hand out of natural materials like bamboo and pear wood. These sunglasses are durable just like any other pair of sunglasses that you’ve worn in the past, the only difference is that they are totally unique and will set you apart from the people in your town who are wearing the same old pair of Aviators or Ray-Bans.

Wooden sunglasses are also more comfortable than your average pair of drug store or expensive plastic sunglasses. After wearing them all day, they will still feel comfortable on your head and you won’t be left feeling like your head has been stuck in a vice.

Your part to save the environment

One of the dirty secrets about plastic sunglasses is that when they break, they end up in a landfill. With wooden sunglasses, you are doing your part to save the environment because they are made up of natural materials that won’t end landfill years from now.

They will save you money

How many pairs of sunglasses have you bought in the last ten years that broke after a few months or years of use? With a pair of wood sunglasses, you will save money because they are made from finely aged wood that’s durable and will withstand the test of time, this means that you won’t have to spend another $50 to $100 again on sunglasses in the future unless you want to.

How To Buy Wooden Sunglasses

  • They must be made of all-natural materials – Before purchasing a pair of wooden sunglasses it’s important to verify that the sunglasses are made from natural woods and are not synthetic plastic that’s made to look like wood.
  • Made by hand – Most wooden sunglass companies on the market today produce their sunglasses by hand. This process takes time but also helps to ensure that quality is put into the production process and no carbon footprint is left that will hurt the environment.

Wooden Sunglasses

  • Look for aged wood – It’s not hard to spot the distinctive character of aged wood because there are more varieties in the grain than newer wood. Aged wood also means that the manufacturer is doing its part to save the environment by not clear-cutting a mass amount of trees to produce a large number of sunglasses at a time.

Where To Buy Wooden Sunglasses

The best place to buy wooden sunglasses Australia is online because with the internet you will have a larger selection of styles to choose from compared to the bamboo sunglasses options that you might find in your local stores. Buying from a store like Wooden Sunnies is also nice too because you can try them on and make sure the wood look is for you.

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