Professional Rugby Player Owen Hundt Schools Mitchell Royel

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Recently, Mitchell Royél had an interesting exchange with professional rugby player Owen Hundt who, as it happens, will also be featured in the next issue of ELIXIR by Royél. This issue, called Roman Holiday, will be themed around ways to combat bullying—and stamp out a little of the hatred from our world.

As many of our readers know, Mitchell Royél recently thought about putting ELIXIR on an indefinite hiatus due to the circumstances facing our world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Royél was at his wit’s end, overwhelmed and ready to quit. Owen learned about Royél’s plight through Instagram and jumped right in with some words of encouragement.

He said,

“Brother, take it one day at a time. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything when you constantly are looking at the big picture. Break it up into chunks to better handle each day coming and each goal you set! That goes with anything!”

That’s some solid advice. It made Royél take a closer look at what he was doing—and thinking. It certainly prompted an attitude adjustment on his part.

Mitchell Royel
Photographer: Michael Hallenbeck, @michaelhallenbeckphoto)

Owen and Mitchell Royel definitely delved into the subject of bullying. He concluded that bullying is definitely a subject that young people will be able to understand. Most people have experienced or witnessed bullying at one type or another. It could be online or in person. Royél talked a bit about how he was being cyberbullied by random strangers online. Owen could definitely connect.

He said,

“Man, bullying is everywhere. There will be haters anytime, anywhere something great is in the works. Especially when people get to hide behind a phone. I say kill them with kindness and don’t take it to heart. Haters will always be around. I have tons of them because of my Instagram. It’s astonishing how much hate can be spewed to you when you’ve done nothing to the other person!”

Royél then turned to a subject that is near and dear to Owen’s heart: rugby. He talked about his exploits in the game and how his coach, Ryan Minnich got him into rugby back when he was just a freshman in high school. For others interested in rugby he had this to say,

“And my advice someone looking to play would be; I’d say get as much experience as you can. Play with many clubs, experience what the world has to offer in the process, while simultaneously making a long term plan for after rugby!”

His last statement prompted Royél to ask him what he thought would be a part of his post-rugby life. He replied, “What’s next for me is that I think I’m gonna start learning carpentry so I can build a house of my own one day, and maybe get in the fire department so I can follow my life long dreams!”

The Roman Holiday Issue of ELIXIR by Royel will be available to browse for free on towards the end of May 2020 at elixirbyroyel.com. Check it out!

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