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Just because you are plus sized does not mean you can not wear trendy clothing. In fact when it comes to plus size trendy clothing there are many stores to choose from. The fashion industry is slowly evolving and becoming more attuned to the needs of the average American woman, who is not a size 2 model, but a healthy and curvy size. Big is beautiful and we should all embrace our bods because confidence is the most flattering thing a woman could wear, so start shopping for some plus size trendy clothing.

Plus Size Trendy Clothing Shopping Tips

When shopping for trendy plus size clothing wholesale such as a women’s plus size dresses, choose the dresses with wide shoulder straps so you can easily hide those bra straps from the eyes. The fly-away dress pictured below is a good example. As a plus sized woman, I will no no trouble wearing a good supportive bra under this dress. This dress is trendy and is perfect for the plus sized body.

Plus Size Bra

Get fitted for a bra that uplifts. This point is very important for the plus size woman because so many of us are wearing the wrong size bras. Not only do they look unflattering, they can also cause posture problems.

Plus Size Trendy Wardrobe

In a plus size for women trendy clothing wardrobe, a structured jacket is a must. You need to find a hip structured jacket that is not too tight and not too loose either, in a good neutral color such as black or dark brown. You can wear the structured jacket with a printed blouse underneath; or choose a bright colored blouse for a pop of color or to lighten up the outfit. You can also wear the jacket with matching pants for an ultra professional look, or jeans for a lighter fun, sassy, and trendy look.

Plus Size Hips – Get Plus Size Pants

If you are large around the hips, you want to buy straight legged pants that do not flair out, nor tapper in, in order to balance out your hips. Try to stay away from flair jeans because they would make your hips look bigger by making your knees look smaller. Matching Pants To the Plus Size Jacket – buy the matching pants to the jacket, because you want a complete look whenever that is called for.

Perfect Flats for Plus Size

A pair or several pairs of cute flats, mixing it up with solid colors and animal prints would be great additions to your plus size trendy clothing closet because flats are easy on your heels and toes, making you walk with more confidence. Ballerina flats go well with jeans or dresses, so they’ll easily take you from day into the night.

Plus Size Accessories

Accessories are a must in the trendy closet, because you can not complete a chic look without accessories. When you are a large girl, you can go big and bold with accessories, so relish in that fact.

Wholesale 7 are wholesale clothing vendors, They knows what you want, find cheap plus size clothing that fits your budget. They have a large number of wholesale plus size women’s clothing, every woman can choose to make her feel beautiful.

These are just some of the tips I have for today. Happy shopping for plus size trendy clothing!

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