Creative Studio Silvia Designs Lanark in association with Role Model Scotland

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Creative studio Silvia Designs have added new client services to their already extensive portfolio. As well as offering brand identity through graphic design and website development through design, banner and newsletter advertising, the South Lanarkshire based creative studio now offers professional model photography, modelling portfolios and model workshops:

Professional Model Photography:

Clients can now work alongside an in-house Silvia Designs Photographer and Creative Director with extensive experience in order to capture both studio and on-location shots. Professional photographs need to tell a story and Silvia Designs are here to achieve that critical message that can be seen in clients’ photographs. As well as offering their own wardrobe and styling service for hire, providing outfits and props to help clients create a high-quality portfolio, all Silvia Designs photoshoot packages come with a select number of retouched images which will be received, post shoot.

Modelling Portfolios:

In a world where first impressions matter, Silvia Designs are now offering a bespoke portfolio creation service. As well as photography, the creative studio is now offering image editing using high quality techniques, tools and/or software, producing high-quality and thought out portfolios for clients.

Model Workshops:

Working alongside Silvia Designs, Role Model was established in 2020 by Professional Model and Mentor, Julie Wilkin Thomson, enabling new models to learn and prosper in their modelling career. Providing workshops which cover everything from choosing a genre to building a recognizable portfolio, workshops are to be held across Scotland, offering clients the opportunity to shake up the industry and provide upcoming models with a learning platform.

Role Model ‘s main mission is to educate future models and give them the basic knowledge they would need in their modelling career not only in terms of how to correctly pose and how to choose the right photographers to work with but Role Models want to provide essential training in terms of their safety.

Having originally established the studio in 2012 in London, England, Silvia Designs moved to Lanark, Scotland in 2018 where the business has gone from strength to strength.

Founder CEO Silvia has waited a long time to launch these new services adding

‘I am now Certified Photographer by The Master Photographers Association and had seven magazine inclusions in the last month alone with publication mentions from Style Cruze Magazine California, Luxia Magazine, The Ciin Magazine and more. I love working with businesses to develop their brand identity and the launch of these three services will only strengthen my client offerings.

For more information on Silvia Designs and to enquire about their services, please visit: www.silviadesigns.co.uk.


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