Dressed for Success – Mitchell Royel’s New Regal Outfit Causes a Stir

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Spiritual artist, social media influencer, and online sensation, Mitchell Royel, was recently seen online wearing what fans have described as “regal excellence.” A recent Instagram post from the contemporary religious icon features him wearing what can
only be described as a prince’s tunic.

Its deep blues, dazzling golds and splashes of regal purple swiftly became a viral sensation overnight. What does this mean for the star’s brand and ethos? Does this change the direction of Mitchell’s “circus of life?” We spoke with the star’s media team recently to find out.

A “Royel” Philosophy

For years now, fans and critics alike have had much to say about Mitchell Royel’s second name. Is it his true name? A fabrication? Something in between? After interviews with Royel’s media team and analysis of his posts online, it’s apparent that “Royel” is a stage name designed to better suit the artist’s intended branding and message.

A recently post from the iCarly and global entertainment star had this to say:

“Many ask why I write my pen name, ‘Royel,’ with an ‘e’ instead of an ‘a.’ Because, dear friends, I’m not royalty – I’m something much better. I don’t follow the doctrine of a human ruler – I live by the rules of a culture I have created for myself.

You can do the same.

If other brands, companies, or even churches try to exploit the work you’ve made, just remember – they can take your ideas but they can never take your cachet.”

From these findings it’s clear that Royell’s new foray into regal clothing is a continuation of his branding and messages of self-love and wellness.

A Tightly Run Ship:

When interviewing Royel’s team, we were struck by how efficient they appeared to be. His designers, outfitters, and managers seemed keen to dress him in clothing that would “make him feel like a king.” Regardless of why he’s dressed like a prince, I’m sure
our readers will agree – he certainly looks the part!

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