Five Must Have Fashion Accessories Every Woman Should Own

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Putting on accessories is like breathing life to a once lifeless get-up. These accents come in different forms and are widely available in the market. Some of these accessories are even considered vintage and classic and yet no matter how many years have passed it has never lost its touch.

Of course, it would be impractical for you to buy every single accessory that is being sold. If you take time to mix and match your wardrobe, then the same goes for your accessories. You cannot just simply put on whatever you see without stopping to contemplate if it looks good together.

Another thing is that over-accessorizing is really not a smart move because sometimes when you put on a lot of accessories it tends to defeat the purpose of accentuating. Instead, it ends up overshadowing you’re perfect get up. Know your fashion accessories and use them as per trending fashion. Here are some of the must-have accessories that you should have in your dresser.

1. Belts.

Fashion Accessories

This accessory never seems to go out of fashion. Although the belts have changed over the years, this is one accessory a woman cannot simply live without. Wide belts are used to accentuate a rather plain long dress while skinny belts are used to bring a plain tee or jeans to life.

2. Earrings.

Fashion Accessories

This is one accessory that never fails to draw attention to one’s face. Dangling earrings look great when worn with the hair pulled up. Women with slender necks seem to look better with dangling earrings. Earrings that dangle have an innate feel of sophistication on them. Stud earrings are also great especially when you are going for that casual and simple look.

3. Necklaces.

Fashion Accessories

Be it choker necklaces or long necklaces these pieces never fail to have an effect even on the simplest get up. Choker necklaces look good on evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Long necklaces seem to go well with casual dresses and long tops. If you are wearing a plain colored blouse or dress, it would be best if you accessorize with a necklace since this will provide the much-needed break in your supposedly plain get up.

4. Bags.

Fashion Accessories

It is hard to imagine a woman without her trusty bag. Bags do come in different forms. It can be a clutch, a handbag, a sling bag, or a shoulder bag yet no matter what it is, these are always present in every woman’s hand or arm. Bags are essential to women since they tend to bring a lot of things with them. These bags also add an edge to any get-up.

5. Bracelets.

The best way to draw attention to your forearm is by wearing a bracelet. Just like any fashion accessories, the bracelets have been through a lot of changes. Bracelets also come in different forms; there are the bangles, the chain bracelets, and of course the charm bracelets. These bracelets not only accentuate but they also add flair to your everyday get up.

You need not own every single accessory being sold for as long as you have the basics then you are ready to go. Mix and match your wardrobe and your fashion accessories and see for yourself the amazing results. Buy online your fashion accessories through Prtya.

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