How To Wear a Fedora Hat: A Style Guide for Men

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How To Wear a Fedora Hat: A Style Guide for Men

Fedora hats are a popular accessory for men, but in today’s fashion scene, more and more women are adopting this cool & casual hat look. Celebrity fashionistas such as Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, and Victoria Beckham have all been spotted with fedoras.

I personally love panama hats, which are a type of fedora but with a slightly wider and straighter brim. A panama hat looks so chic with a sundress, giving that easy-breezy Saint Tropez look!

How To Wear a Fedora Hat: A Style Guide for Men

On TheCrushFashion.com, you’ll find fashion tips on how to wear a fedora, as well as a shopping guide to where to buy them. And although this page is dedicated to women, if you’re a guy you’ll discover that you can buy men’s fedoras from the same stores as the women.

And for the girls, don’t be afraid to buy fedoras from the men’s section! Most men’s hats aren’t different from women’s. It’s not like they have a bigger head than us… Ok, maybe by 2% on average! Just make sure to double-check the size description.

What Exactly Is a Fedora Hat?

How To Wear a Fedora Hat: A Style Guide for Men

It’s a soft felt hat that is crinkled lengthwise down the crown and strained in the front on both sides. You can find them in all kinds of stylish and modern designs, specially made for us women. From the light and summery straw fedora to the classic black Michael Jackson hat. Not mention different cute bands like print, silk, braided or ribbon bands which give the hat a whole new, feminine look.

You can never go wrong with the classic black for that cool and mysterious look, but straw is a classic for your Spring & Summer outfits.

How to Look Good in a Fedora Hat

How To Wear a Fedora Hat: A Style Guide for Men

Choose the right style

This completely depends on your face shape – some fedora hat styles shorten or lengthen a face, other more width to the forehead.

You need to figure out what complements your own face. Hats are a hit or miss for the individual fashionista so getting the right style is quite crucial to looking fabulous.

For example, Cameron Diaz has a round and wide face, and the best hat styles for her have a raised crown and slightly upturned, irregular brim that help slim her face shape. Wearing it tilted help too.

Work with your proportions

How To Wear a Fedora Hat: A Style Guide for Men

When selecting a fedora hat, keep your body proportions in mind, especially your shoulders.

If you’re a Petite, small to medium-scaled hats look good on you without overpowering your body frame. Unless you’re fine with making yourself look smaller then, by all means, go for a bigger hat to make a fashion statement!

However, if you’re a Plus size bigger scaled fedora will suit you. Plus size Petites can opt for medium-sized hats.

Opt for versatility

How To Wear a Fedora Hat: A Style Guide for Men

Basics neutrals go with everything – and can be paired with most clothing styles, from classy to sporty and casual. Securing a couple of fedoras with minimal and/or versatile details makes sure you can wear them season after season.

After honing down the basics, start experimenting with various fun fedoras that reflect your personality. Two-toned hats complement Classy gals, while Trendy fashionistas look great with stylish sideband details. Or if you’re a Romantic, accentuate your style with ribbon sidebands.

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