Where to Find Color Inspiration

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Where to Find Color Inspiration

Color makes life better. Color Inspiration makes life more interesting. Color in fashion is essential and I find that it is the foundation of any fun and inspiring outfits. There is nothing that I love more than scrolling through blogs and Pinterest searching for color coordinating inspiration. I wish I could tell you that I have all of the secrets to color coordinating your wardrobe, but I don’t. I am on this journey just the same as you are.

Where to Find Color Inspiration

Over the course of the summer, I have been working on a Colored Denim Skirt Series over on my blog. Throughout the series I had moments were I had no idea what would look good with particular colors. There were even a few times where Pinterest and other blogs couldn’t even help me. I had to start looking outside of the ordinary to get help and when I did, the light bulb clicked on. Today, I am going to be sharing with you some standard and not so standard places to get color inspiration for your wardrobe

Color Blocking Charts

Where to Find Color Inspiration

These charts are everywhere from Pinterest to blogs to Google images. These charts are helpful, especially for beginners. These charts often display complementary, secondary, or triad colors that work best with the main color.

 Pinterest Boards

Where to Find Color Inspiration

When color blocking charts don’t work check out home décor boards and wedding boards on Pinterest. A lot of these boards have color charts detailing complementary, secondary, and accent colors ranging in shades and paired with neutrals.


Where to Find Color Inspiration

Visit home décor websites. Websites like hgtv.com have great tips for picking accent colors. In some cases they have example pictures to show you how the colors work together. Although the colors are displayed within a room on furniture and walls, the same concepts the designers used can be applied to your wardrobe.

The Color Wheel

For those who are looking for a challenge, the Color Wheel is a great place to start. At its very core, the same principles that are applied to art and design are the same for fashion. Understanding the color wheel, complementary colors, gradients, and split complementary colors will go a long way in helping you pick colors that look great together, even when those colors are far beyond your comfort zone.

Honestly, if you are new to combine colors to create great outfits takes a lot of trial and error. So keep trying until you find what works best for you. Yet, I also encourage you to be bold in your color choices.

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