Upcoming Trends for Sandals in 2021

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Can you believe the pandemic year has ended, and now it’s 2021? Looking forward to something new and trendy this year? Since we have to fight the COVID, it’s time to refresh our minds and talk about the fresh and modern footwear trends.

The fashion designers entered 2021 with a fantastic collection of sandals. They met the overarching need for comfort in shoes with slide sandals and flat sandals. Do you want to wear heels again? Sure, because the designers put the practicality in their mind to meet the consumers’ demand.

So whether you are thinking of exterminating a pair of shoes from last year or changing it with a stylish one, we have penned down some of the coolest options that are worth investing in. Some of them provide the feel to your dress, while others are super traditional that can be worn at home.

Trends for Sandals

Let’s reveal them!

1.    Elastic flat sandals

Are you a seasoned traveller? Searching for the most comfortable pair of shoes? The flat sandals are the perfect pair of shoes that are supportive and sleek. The elastic and stretchable straps make them perfectly fit your feet. For extra comfort and traction, the rubber sole is used. So for travelling either in summer or spring, you must prefer stylish elastic flat sandals.

2.    Wood sandals

These are the most popular latest sandals. As the name suggests, the wood sandals are made up of wood, a tough and durable material. They show many similarities with denim. Wood sandals are usually dust and water-resistant, having no buckle.

3.    Slide sandals

Whether you are heading out with your dog or walking to the grocery store, slide sandals are everyday sandals. Wearing them with sundresses and shorts look cute and trendy. Plenty of footwear brands sell slide shoes with their logos, but you should always go for the affordable option.

4.    Espadrille sandals

Espadrille is the most comfortable sole shoe. The cotton fabric, flexible soles, and esparto ropes are their unique features. Today in almost every fast-fashion store, you can find a huge variety of colours and designs of espadrille sandals. You can pick up the wedge, high heel, and flat type of sandals. In 2021, add the espadrille shoes in your closet and feel comfortable.

Top features of espadrille shoes

  • The cushioned insole of traditional esparto material
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Breathable cotton upper construction
  • Lace-up ankle straps
  • Variety in colours and style

5.    Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals have entered the style world for a long time. Before the launch of these sandals, the toes were in quite difficult situations. Thanks to these stylish shoe pairings that have a unique orientation. Strappy sandals cage in or tie up the toes and provide you with a beautiful look in no time.

6.    Flip flop sandals

If you think flip flop sandals are trendy, then this season, they will get chunkier. These shoes will surprise you with comfort on your favourite beach walk. Let this fashion year hit you differently; top up your closet with the flip flop sandals that you can effortlessly pair up with your formal and informal dresses. Will this trend stick? Yes, we think so.

7.    High heels sandals:

When women are shopping for shoes, High heels sandals are the ones that make them feel happy and fill them with excitement. The right heel can put a peak in women’s feet and give them inner confidence that cannot be defeated. Each season, a new heel swells and enters our hearts and pockets. There are various types of high heel sandals style that make women feel sexy and look elegant. Some of these types are Kitten Heels, Pumps, Ankle Strap Heels, Wedge Heels, Cone Heels, Peep Toe Heels, etc. Women can choose any of these types that fit their outfits.

8.    Square toe sandals

Square toe sandals are a fairly new kid in the fashion industry. We expect that these are going to continue as a disruptive trendsetter. The girls can’t get enough of the zebra print or cardigan square shoes. These alien-ish-looking sandals will be showcased in the top stores in the first quarter of 2021. These are perfectly rectangular and will take the trend of square-toed sandals to another level.

9.    Platform sandals

Are you craving elevation? Bored of wearing stiletto saddle shoes every time? Platform sandals are the new shoe in the fashion world that will keep you elevated while on the go. The wood and snakeskin are the natural elements of these shoes. Buy this everyday footwear this season.

10. Kitten heel sandals

The semi party and semi-formal shoes in 2021 are kitten heel sandals. These latest sandals consist of slightly carving heels, which give them a perfect fit. You can enjoy a huge variety of shapes and colours of kitten heel sandals. The comfortable and sleek shoes add a unique look to your personality.

11. Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals are another beautiful variety of sandals of varying designs and patterns. You can out style your look with gladiator sandals on different occasions of every season. The short or one-piece dresses give them a unique look. So flaunt your style with heeled or flat gladiator sandals. You can get these easily from any footwear store.

12. Chunky sandals

Welcome back to the 90’s inspired fashion trend. Chunky sandals are another upcoming trend of 2021 that can be beautifully paired up with puff sleeve tops or satin midi skirts. They are informal yet statement shoes of all the times.

Final thoughts

Can you buy enough shoes? Nope! The designers coming up with fresh styles every year make it almost impossible to overcome the temptation for a new pair of sandals. While at the same time, impulse buying may result in regrets. So to save you, we have carefully scrutinized the above mentioned trendy sandals. Once you wear these, we believe that you will dominate the trend chart.

So let’s explore the latest footwear trends until everyone discovers them.

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